Olivia Gracey brings heat, heart and humor together in “The Allow Factor”


Title:  The Allow Factor

Publisher:  Solstice Publishing

Author:  Olivia Gracey

Buy Link:  http://www.amazon.com/Allow-Factor-Olivia-Gracey-ebook/dp/B00K02TPTK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1412599813&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Allow+Factor

Author Olivia Gracey takes the insanity of a “toxic romance” to a new level with her novel “The Allow Factor.”  Gracey weaves a story of the push-pull passion between Sadie and Radley, a relationship which can only be described as “crazy maddening.”   While the story contains the prototypical dashing hunk in Radley, whose own sex appeal is like honey to a bee, Sadie knows, deep down in her core, that he is simply poison for her.  Like a smoker trying to quit, she does everything in her power to resist his advances, only to be drawn back into him with his touch and kiss.

As the story goes on, Sadie must find herself and admit what she knows to be true but simply can’t face; that Radley isn’t so much “Mr. Right,” as he is “Mr. Right Now.”   Sadie’s passions are her weak spot, and Radley knows exactly how to penetrate those points, so to speak.  Most stories of this ilk would ask “will he ever change?”  This is where The Allow Factor diverges in way which is refreshing.  While waiting on Radley to change, Sadie discovers the real question is whether she will allow herself to not only be loved, but to love, the she deserves.  These answers are not easy to find and, before it’s all said and done, the reader will likely want to grab Sadie by her shoulders and scream “what the ___ are you thinking???”  Of course, Sadie truly represents all of us who have been there, which makes her character so very relatable.

The Allow Factor does something most romance stories don’t do – it melds the emotional with the physical, and uses both to crank the love scenes up beyond the merely “white hot.”  For a romance, this story is refreshingly action-packed, and the dialogue is not the stilted sort of “puppies and kittens” platitudes or emo-laden lows found in so many mass-market works.  Gracey takes great pains to ensure the reader understands Sadie’s character, and engages you to Sadie’s heart and soul on a journey which most women (and even a man or two) will be able to look at and say “yep, I’ve been there!”

This is an excellent story for the discriminating romance fan looking for a work with both heat, heart and humor.  The Allow Factor is more than just a great read; it is a window into the soul of everyone who has suffered the heartbreak of a passionate toxic relationship.  Gracey better be allowing herself the ability to create more stories like this, because she is an emerging author who is the real deal.

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