“Forms of Love” – part of the Galactic Energies collection – challenges the reader, in a very entertaining way.

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Forms of Love – a story within Galactic Energies

Author:  Luca Rossi

Buy Link (sold as part fo the Galactic Energies collection only):  http://www.amazon.com/Galactic-Energies-Science-fiction-fantasy-ebook/dp/B00E3VTR1K

Forms of Love is part of the “Galactic Energies” anthology by Luca Rossi.  This author has woven a collection of science fiction tales together into an unusual group for the reader.  Forms of Love, in particular, is a peculiar mini-tale of romance, lust, sex and space travel.  As Ipsia, a shape shifter, travels within the Federation of Worlds she/he/it befriends Ian, an Earther with a desire to keep a low profile and a libido as big as a starship.

Anyone into science fiction and erotica will certainly get a charge out of this story.  Rossi takes on both genres with an unusually open approach, as the scenes shift from the starship to sex within the blink of an eye.  While tasteful, it is a very different sort of story, especially in that Rossi tells the tale not from a traditional third-person or even the first person, but from the far-more-challenge first-person/present tense.

Combined with the subject matter, this peculiarity in tense makes Forms of Love a rather challenging read to a the novice sci-fi connoisseur, and even experienced sci-fi fans will have a bit of a learning curve navigating the unusual present tense Rossi uses.  The upside, however, is once that curve is overcoming, this is a very entertaining quick read with one doozy of a twist ending – it left me scratching my head and thinking “oooh, snap!”.

I would recommend Forms of Love in the Galactic Energies collection mostly to advanced science-fiction readers, mostly because with the tense used, it can cause some confusion if one hasn’t read many titles of this nature.  Still, it is deserving of at least a look and, judging by samples of other stories within this work, Rossi certain knows how to weave a tale of heat and weirdness.

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