Olivia Gracey, author of “The Allow Factor,” goes Q&A on the soon-to-be-released “Sailing Alice Marie”

Hello everyone!  Olivia Gracey, featured recently on Books & Blondes for “The Allow Factor,” has decided to grace us with her effervescent presence today to discuss her latest release, “Sailing Alice Marie.”  I am pleased to have such a talented writer, and good friend, drop by my corner of the cyberverse for another visit!
Olivia, what was your inspiration for this book?
Sailing Alice Marie was the first novel I penned. I actually wrote it just to see for myself if I could write a novel. When I dove deep within the story, I was hooked on the aspect of bringing these characters to life and feeling their emotions while they struggled with issues I’ve never experienced.
This work has a distinct nautical theme to it.  Does the seas or navy factor into your personal life?
No, not really. I’ve always wanted to visit Maine and I love New York City. I had visited New York City a few times and was able to pull in the couture and landmarks. It was an easy choice to have the heroine build her life there. I am planning a trip to Maine when the book is released.  I made a promise to myself, years ago when I wrote it, I would go there to celebrate if it ever was published. 
Love scenes in “The Allow Factor” were pretty intense.  Does “Sailing Alice Marie” differ?   If so, how and why?
SAM is intense as well. It’s packed full of drama from nearly the first word. It covers very intimate moments of Alice’s life as she struggles with the daily reality that she married her first lover’s brother. Did she marry the wrong man? Yes and no. The mental torment of being married to a perfect man and then the chance encounters with his brother, leave you breathless, rooting for her to make the unethical choice. You find yourself quickly in Alice’s shoes justifying why she shouldn’t deny her once lover now brother-in-law. It’s not a story you can easily relate to, but a story you can’t imagine yourself struggling with, leaving you with the thought, “It must have been horrible for her!”
What was the most challenging part to writing this book?
Trying to keep it within certain boundaries. I struggled with the unethical issues. I had to keep reminding myself, it’s just a story, fiction, not real life. I tend to get really caught up in the lives of my characters that I write, it’s hard for me not to picture them real. So to deal with the emotional issues the Heroine and Hero faced in writing SAM, I had to give them a scenario that would leave the reader feeling somewhat satisfied.
This book is a release from Sarah Book Publishing.  What has been your experience with them?
I have had a great experience with Sarah Books Publishing. I feel very honored they chose this book and signed me so quickly. It’s not a quick turn around process from submission to print, but I hear that’s typical for larger publishing companies. I look forward to working with them on future projects and I’m very excited they take an aggressive approach to marketing. It’s difficult to build your brand on your own. It helps to have a publisher behind you.
Any Work-in-Progress to speak of right now?
At the moment I am finishing up book two in “The Allow Factor” series called The Psycho Effect. It’s almost at completion. I am anxious to get it wrapped up and submitted for publication. After it’s submission, I have another book awaiting in the wings. My goal is to have two books published a year until that number can climb to three. 
Your life is pretty multitalented – what’s this about musical ability?
I have writing ability, I don’t have much musical ability. As a teenager I played the saxophone, but as an adult, I’m working on developing my voice and learning the ukulele. I have an acoustic band with my oldest son called JUST GRACEY. I write the lyrics and he composes the melodies. He’s  played guitar with me since he was twelve. He is multi talented with many instruments and has perfect pitch, while I’m over here just trying to learn how to sing. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to learn. It’s not natural for me. 
Last but not least – anyone special in your life that your work is inspired by or dedicated to?
I give the Good Lord all the credit. It’s been a life long dream to be published. I am very grateful and feel very blessed to call myself an author. Not a title I take lightly, but very humbled and honored by it.
Thanks, Olivia!  Folks, I will be posting the link for Sailing Alice Marie as soon as it is released from Sarah Book Publishing who, incidentally, is the publisher of the second book of the “Scope” series, Change Rising.

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