Paper Losses: A Little Bite

John's Head

paperlossescoverBelow is an excerpt from my novella, Paper Losses, available in Kindle and Paperback on from Solstice Publishing:

James entered the facility and saw Danny at his desk. He could not believe just how frazzled Danny looked. The generally clean-cut, clean-shaven Daniel Sconcroft actually had the look of fear in his green eyes. A heavy-set man but not taller than James, Danny stood up and smiled weakly.

“Hey James,” Danny said. “You’ve gotta’ see this.”

James looked at the screen Danny was looking at and saw numbers; lots of numbers. It was the latest Publisher’s Statement. James knew that the Publisher’s Statement was the Nielsen report of the newspaper business. A good statement meant numbers were up, advertising rates could be raised, and businesses would come to the larger paper. Weak numbers meant ultimatums to “grow the business” or you lost your job. It was that simple, and even…

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