Author Simone Salmon releases “Camille and the Bears of Beisa-Drafnel” through Solstice Publishing

"Camille and the Bears of Beisa-Drafnel" was recently released by Solstice Publishing.

“Camille and the Bears of Beisa-Drafnel” was recently released by Solstice Publishing.

As my guardian angel instructed, I wrapped a small piece under the ribbon tied around my braid. I noticed Miss Mattie’s immediate reaction. Her harsh tone gentled and she even allowed me to eat with her at the dining table. A welcomed change, my nerves were still on guard, unsure of how long Miss Mattie’s tolerance would last. Against my better judgment, I decided to ask about Caleb and Cassandra.

“Miss Mattie, do you think I can visit with my sister and brother sometime soon?”

Growling, Miss Mattie cocked her head and then swung around to face the door. Her eyes rolled back into their sockets. Her head snapped back as she sniffed the air.

“Why are you sitting at this table?”

I warned you, Grandmother. Leave the table now!

Miss Mattie’s neck protruded as her limbs extended. Fingers mutated into claws and hind legs ripped through her lower extremities. Wiry tufts of hair sprouted all over her body. Her face contorted and elongated as saliva slimed down enlarged jowls. My hand stifled the scream roaring through my head.

Get up and walk away slowly. Do not turn your back on it. Now!

From Camille and the Bears of Biesa-Drafnel by Simone Salmon

Hello, book enthusiasts!  Yes, it has been a while, but we are back with another Solstice Publishing author, Simone Salmon, author of Camille and the Bears of Beisa-Drafnel, a fantasy-thriller filled with intrigue, adventure, and surprises at every turn.  As usual, B&B lets the author’s work speak for itself, and Simone’s work has received praise from many peers, including screenwriter and author Robert Blake Whitehill of the Ben Blackshaw Series:

This story operates in many rich dimensions. It reads like a graphic novel, but without need of illustrations, as the events explode like fireworks in the mind’s eye. What an amazing piece of writing!”

Simone Salmon, author and Certified Reiki Practitioner, has released "Camille and the Bears of Beisa-Drafnel."

Simone Salmon, author and Certified Reiki Practitioner, has released “Camille and the Bears of Beisa-Drafnel.”

Salmon describes herself as a “spiritual truthseeker,” who embraces and appreciates many different spiritual pursuits, including appreciation of psychic phenomena.  On her blog, she showcases many emerging authors and offers services as a Certified Reiki and Pranic practitioner.  Salmon is a native Jamaican who moved to New York and resides there while, in her words, work on her “exit strategy from Corporate America.”  Let’s welcome Simone to the Books & Blondes Cafe with a hearty hug, a raised mug, and checking out her work!

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